Sunday, November 16, 2008

Busy Weekend.....

I just have to say that it is snowing outside. That little fact does not make me happy I am not a snow person. I would do just fine if I never had to deal with snow again (execpt on Christmas). So now that I said that, I can move on to the good stuff!

Incase you have forgotten I am on Mega-Doodle Inspired's Design Test Team. I get to check out all her new CU products before they hit stores! Pretty cool!

I just got finished test 3 new paper packs, Plaid, Diamonds, and Argyle. They are amazing! Here is what they look like:

You can expect them to be in stores sometime this week! I would so get them, they make life a lot easier!

Normally I would have done a freebie paper-pack for you but this weekend I have just run out of time. This Friday my sororoity had its Semi-Formal which ended up be just short of distaster. The story is long an complicated, and ends up being no one person fault. Yesterday, I was hard at work on my Santa's Digi Express for Designs in Digital. Don't worry this is one I will be tell you more about latter in this week, it's going to be big and lots of fun! The best part about it is you are going to get lots of goodies for a very low price!

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